Emmanuel Peter “Etey” Buendia knows the importance of sustainability when it comes to building and designing spaces. As new is not always better, he always tries to come up with innovative design solutions by recycling. Etey dreams of building his own eco-friendly home in the future. “It would give me the opportunity to apply new theories and explore the possibilities of using different materials”, he says. Aside from his conscious effort to protect and preserve the environment with his design approaches, he maintains the balance between resources and quality. “As professionals, we manage budget constraints and find ways on how to create aesthetically sustainable structures for our clients.” he shares.

He believes that there will be a fusion of traditional and modern designs that will give rise to new concepts. “For those who are renovating or building a home”, Etey advises, “it is important to hire a professional architect or interior designer, know what you want and set a working budget.”

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