10 Things That Are Essential in Any Powder Room

Your powder room is a space where your guests can freshen up upon entering and leaving your household. Usually composed of just a sink and a toilet, your powder room deserves to be an experience for your guests. It is only right to extend your hospitality to your guests with these 10 powder room essentials.


1 Towels

To dry their clean hands with, leave one big absorbent hand towel in your powder room or a tray filled with mini towel rolls for each guest to use. Just make sure you also provide a “used” basket or tray and wash hand towels immediately.

2 Tissue

A no-brainer to have, always make sure that you have a full roll in the powder room and even extra supply in case of emergencies.

powder room essentials

3 Liquid Hand Soap

This is an essential in any powder room. Leave liquid hand soap in a nice pump in your bathroom to make sure your guests get to sanitize after

4 Lotion

Another way to show that you are the best house host is by adding a lotion pump near by. To avoid confusion, label soap and lotion bottles.

5 Bidet

You have to consider that some people are not wipers, ask your interior designer to squeeze in a bidet if it fits your budget.

powder room essentials

6 Scented Candles

Let’s admit it, bathrooms aren’t the best smelling places but as a house host you have to try to make every space clean, welcoming, and smelling nice. Leave one big scented candle in your powder room to combat unwanted smells. While lining small candles look nice, they do put your house at risk, especially if you have kids in the household.

7 Mirror

As a place to freshen up, adding a mirror in your powder room is a must. It is also a design solution as it can create the illusion of a larger space in tiny powder rooms.

8 Flowers

Give a refreshing ambiance by placing a vase of fresh blooms in your powder room.

powder room essentials

9 Trashcan

Another powder room essential that needs no explanation. Aside from used tissues, your guests might want to throw other things they have accumulated in their purse that they would want to throw away.

10 Room Spray

Good exhaust in your bathroom is always a must but to avoid any awkward moments, leave a can of deodorizing spray in your powder room. Just be mindful of aerosols, especially if you have a candle in that small space.


Written by Patricia Herbolario