Practical Questions to Ask Before You Decide on Your Home’s Design Style

As a homeowner, you have to decide on what look you want in your home because your home’s style is a commitment. Whether it’s a house or a condo, picking a design style is a very big decision that will affect your future living space and your overall lifestyle, and not just your home’s aesthetics. Choosing a style early on in the design process will save you a lot of time and money with construction. If you’re a new homeowner deciding which style to adorn your home with, here are some questions you HAVE TO ask yourself first.


What Style Do I Want?

This is a pretty basic question that goes without saying. Do you want it to be bohemian, industrial, traditional, Scandinavian? Search online for pegs, there are a lot of styles out there and one is bound to speak to your soul and reflect your personality. Don’t forget that you can mix and match some styles together but consult your interior designer. Be wary of making your unit feel like it was chopsuey-ed together if you mix three or more styles together. Remember that your house, while composed of different rooms, should tell a consistent look as a whole. Going to your designer with a concrete idea of what you want will put both of you on the same page and will be a great start off point for creating your dream home.


Who Will Design My Home?

If you’re hiring a professional with your interior (which we highly recommend), remember that some interior designers specialize in particular designs styles. Do your research, check their portfolios and websites to see their previous projects, it will give you a hint on and which look they excel in. This is not to say that interior designers are not flexible and can only do one particular style, some designers just achieve one particular look better than others. While their forte is something you need to consider, at the end of the day, you have to pick an interior designer based on their process and how well you work with them.


Does This Style Fit My Budget?

Some design styles will be more expensive than others because of the amount of detail they need. Let’s say you want a French-inspired home, the wall crowning should be added in the budget, something you wouldn’t need to factor in if you want a minimalist space. While compromises can be made with the budget by getting cheaper alternatives, decide if you are willing to sacrifice on some details if you really want this particular design style in your home.


Does This Style Fit My Lifestyle and My Space?

It’s not just about the aesthetics, your home’s style will contribute to your life and how you interact with your home. Consider if the style matches your lifestyle. If you’re a fan of collecting memorabilia from all over the globe, the clean and minimalist style will limit the items you’ll get to show off because minimalism is anchored on clean, simple, and less accessories. Some styles are not recommendable for small spaces, let’s say you want a bohemian space which is big on patterns and texture play, which can make your space feel cramped.


Written By Patricia Herbolario