Rading Decepida has been designing landscapes for almost two decades. He specializes in tropical gardens that bring to mind relaxing vacations in exotic hideaways. Taking his cue from nature, Rading creates outdoor spaces that encourage his clients to slow down and enjoy the more important things in life, such as respite from the daily grind, quiet solitude and time spent with family and friends. “I just really love to design”, he says simply. His landscapes are intelligently planned, maximizing the colors, textures and shapes of natural elements to create spaces that are truly inspiring. As a result, most of his clients have rediscovered the joys of staying home.

Rading recommends thinking of the feeling you want your garden to evoke to come up with the right design for it. “All rooms inside the house should have a view of natural elements or lush greens”, Rading adds, “Erase all white walls by putting in planting, situate a waterfall where it can be enjoyed by everyone, and place a water feature at the entrance of your house to serve as a greeting for you and your guests. Always think of symmetry, harmony and proportion in your space.” For the home, Rading suggests placing natural elements in your kitchen, living and dining room to create a happy and lively ambiance. He also advocates the use of earthy and natural colors to create an easy and effortless feel.

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