5 Reasons To Have A Powder Room in Your House

Also called as a halfway bath, a powder room is a great investment for your home. Usually composed of just a sink and a toilet, the powder room has been around for ages. Since the Victorian Era, powder rooms are considered to be a small space where ladies can touch up their make-up and powder their nose in. If you’re building or renovating, here are reasons you should consider adding a powder room in the plan.


1 Keep Your Personal Bathroom Private

The bathroom is a sanctuary where your clean and refresh yourself before and after a busy day. If your bathroom is filled with personal cosmetics or items, or is  connected to a walk-in closet, having a powder room keeps that private space well… Private.


2 For Your Guests’ Convenience

The Powder Room is a place for your guests to freshen up when they get to your home to the moment they leave. This is why the powder room should always be located on the floor of the living, dining, and main entertaining areas.

Powder Room

3 Family Utility

If you’re a big family in a house with just one bathroom, waiting in line to use the sink or the toilet should be a no-no. A powder room will help ease the “traffic” from the main bathroom.

4 Another Space to Style

Some houses’ powder rooms have unexpected designs and styles. Since this room will not be as prone to moisture like regular bathrooms, you can use a bright and patterned wallpaper over the usual tile.

Powder Room

5 Adds Value to Your Home

Every bit of beautiful and useful space makes your home’s total value rise. Adding a powder room can help up your home’s value even just by a little bit, this useful if you’re planning to sell the house in the future. You just need to invest in a sink, a toilet, waterproofing works, and some accessories.


Written by Patricia Herbolario