These Regular Household Items Can Make Your House More Swerte

There are multiple ways to bring luck into your home aside from crystals, lucky charms, and furniture arrangements. Here’s a list of regular household items that can help make your house more swerte, according to Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua.

1 Salt

Known for its cleansing properties and ability to absorb negative energy, salt is a lucky house item that can bring luck. Put salt in a container and place it in your home’s west side, replace the salt weekly. Do not reuse or consume the salt after as it has absorbed bad energy already.

2 Bell

Shoo bad spirits away with a bell’s sound. Turn off all electronic devices and keep your main door and windows open before ringing the bell to give the negativity space to exit. Start from the farthest area of the house and make your way to the main entrance of the house. Do this one to two times in a month.

3 Water

Leave a glass of water in your home’s southwest side to absorb bad energy. Replace the water every week.

4 Garlic

Keep bad spirits and elements (and maybe even vampires!) away from your house. Place a garlic in the northeast side of your home. Opt for big, elephant garlic heads that are as big as apples.

5 Radio

Place your radio in your home’s southwest area. “Music, may it be a Chinese mantra, Buddhist, Christian or Indian songs, or any happy songs all help,” Master Hanz shares.

6 Plants

Any plant is a lucky house item. As long is it doesn’t have any thorns, plants will help stimulate good energy in your space. Make sure you keep them alive and healthy because decaying plants only invite negativity. Place in the west side of your home.