At an early age, Reynaldo “Nando” Ng was already familiar with design and architecture courtesy of his father, who was an architect. Inspired by famous designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Steven Ehrlich, Philippe Starck, and Bobby Mañosa, his design approach leans towards a modern organic style, putting together natural elements composed in a clean, sophisticated manner. “I get my design inspirations from Philippine cultural elements. I also love using hardwood such as narra, kamagong and molave as accents”, he shares. Although his designs can be generally described as modern, Nando introduces a touch of Filipino character into his compositions, be it a lamp, furniture or art piece.

His 17 years in the industry have been marked by notable projects such as the renovation of Lima Park Hotel, the Bayo store in Powerplant Mall, the RegalongPambahay outlet store, Marquee Mall, and numerous residential projects.

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