Ria has been in design industry since 1985. “I started with fashion and arts, then transitioned to space planning and design”, she shares. She admires the works of Mexican architects Santiago Aspe and Fernando de Haro, and Edward Stone, who created the Radio City Music Hall and the museum of Modern Art in New York. As a fan of history, Ria also likes European structures made more impressive with the combination of Byzantine and Islamic art. “Artists and designers from the ancient times serve as classic precedents which inspire future generations”, she says, “Without them, we won’t have any benchmark for aesthetics and taste!”

Ria favors informal, resort-like settings and always incorporates organic elements into her compositions. “I’m partial to using wood, natural stones and other local materials”, she states. Moreover, she says that research combined with retail and design therapy is the best antidote to formulated, boring ideas. “Go out, know the trends and experience them. Fine tune the details to suit your individual taste and needs,”, she advises.

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