Properly Take Care of Your Rugs with These 5 Easy Steps

Rugs and carpets are a great way to add personality to your space, especially if they come in a unique pattern. However, rugs are often overseen accessories that don’t get as much TLC compared to sofas or your pantry. Cleaning and caring for your carpet is a must. Carpets can be breeding space for  bacteria, and can very well be very dusty without you knowing it. However, if you have specialized rugs like Persian or Oriental ones, be reminded that they need a much more specialized type of care meant for them. Ideally, bring them to a carpet cleaner to maintain their delicate form. These tips are ideal for common rugs, those that are made with polyester, nylon, and polypropylene.


1 Light vacuuming

Plugging in your vacuum cleaner and running it on your rug is the easiest way to remove dust and furs, if you have pets. However, make sure that your glide the vacuum without too much pressure, this can damage the rug. Make sure you do this once every two months.

Rug Carpet Care

2 Shake It Off

For small rugs, you can bring them outside and shake vigorously until the dirt is off. To avoid inhaling the dust, wear a mask.

3 Washing and Drying

Some rugs are washing machine friendly, you just have to check the tag. Before you get your rug wet though, make sure that you vacuum it clean. If you’re washing the rug manually, lay it on a clean, flat surface (ideally on on garage driveway if you have a large area rug). Mix a bit of dish washing soap with a bucket of tap water. With a sponge, apply the water and soap mix on the rug without excessively rubbing it as this can ruin the material and cause discoloration. Rinse off with clean water. Leave it to dry, and no not hang it on your clothesline as this will let the rug deform.

Rug Carpet Care

4 Hang and Bang

Another way to maintain your rug is to hang it on your clothesline and hit it with a broom. Again, to avoid inhaling the dust, wear a mask.

5 Leave the Tag

We know, it might be tempting to remove that back tag on your carpet but it’s a great reference to know about your rug’s basic care tips.


Written by Patricia Herbolario