Calling All Shoe-a-holics! Store and Care For Your Shoes with These Tips

Shoes are an investment. We wear them all day and they (literally) carry our weight, so it’s just right that we take care of them in return. They constitute a huge part of our wardrobe, and how we store and clean of them matters. Here are seven tips that will help you maintain, care, and keep your shoes in tip-top shape!


1  Clean them Regularly

With anything valuable, regular cleaning is a must. Wiping your shoes with a damp cloth or brushing them before and after use is a habit to start.

2 Dry Wet Shoes ASAP

If you get stuck in rain or accidentally get your shoes wet, make sure you dry them up ASAP. Stuff drenched shoes with paper and let them dry before you use them again. Never, EVER, blow dry wet shoes because direct heat will harm to the shoes.

3 Invest in Shoe Trees

To keep shoes in their original form, invest in shoe trees, especially for the shoes that you invested a lot in. As an alternative, you can stuff your shoes with crumpled paper when not in use. However, avoid using newsprint as the ink might stain the shoes.

4 Cotton Bags and Original Boxes

For shoes that you use during special occasions, store them in cotton or dust bags and in their original boxes. However, remember that prolonged storage is not caring for your shoes, they’re meant to be worn so take them out every so often.

5 Never Store in Heat or Moisture

Store shoes at room temperature. Keep them away from direct sunlight as this causes discoloration and cracks to leather shoes.

6 Boots need Boot Stands

Store your boots, especially those knee-high pairs, in boot stands to keep their form. An alternative is to find a way to hang them upside down so they don’t get fold marks.

7  Rotate your Shoes

Avoid wearing the same shoes again and again. We know, we all have our favorite pairs that are cute and comfy, but you have to let your shoes have their rest. This will help them from looking overworn and from being smelly.


This story first appeared on MyHome July 2016 by Razel Estrella. Edits were made for