Sofa Shopping? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The sofa is a centerpiece in the living room. It brings everyone together during Sunday movie nights and it’s where you often entertain guests when they come over. Investing in a good couch is a must. Sofa shopping should be a process, you shouldn’t stop until you find the right one for you and your family. 


Here are 6 tips to help you choose the best sofa for you and your home!


1 Measurements Matter

Always, always, always know the space you have available for your future sofa. Also, consider how many people there is in your household. It is rule of thumb that your living room should be able to seat everyone who resides in your home. If your sofa can’t accomodate everyone, consider adding lounge chairs and statement, acccent chairs.


2 The Top Coat Matters

The material is super important. If you have young kids, you might want to veer away from white leather sofas to avoid any orange juice spills; for those who have pets, a fabric sofa might not be the best option as fabric can trap their fur, don’t even get us started on the possibility of pee-stains.


3 Sort Out the Stuffings

You also have to consider what the sofa is stuffed with. Polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, and down-polyfiber are very cheap stuffings but they can deform easily with excessive use.Goose- and duck-feather fillings are comfier options but are almost double the price of foams.


4 Comfy?

Sit on your sofa candidate and try to feel if it feels right for you. Alco, consider the rest of your family who will be using the seat. Will it be too low for the other members of the family or too high for the young ones?


5 Mechanics

If you’re buying a sofa bed, make sure you have the “transformation” demoed to you by the salesperson. Consider if it’s easy, safe, and if you can do it on your own.


6 Does it Fit your Style?

While this goes without saying, your future couch has to match the rest of your living room, your house, and of course, yourself. There’s no point in buying the most well-made and well-designed sofa if it doesn’t feel right for you as a homeowner. Scout and souce for the sofa that can make even more right at home in your own home.