How to Properly Disassemble Your Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season over, it’s time to disassemble that Christmas Tree and store your festive decor until the calendar hits the -ber months again. While the allure of buying new ornaments so you can have a new theme next year, we’re sure that you wouldn’t want to throw away your current ornaments just yet — especially if your family uses the same ornaments as a part of a tradition.


Here’s 4 easy steps to properly store and disassemble your Christmas tree and the ornaments that come with it!


Step 1: Remove All Ornaments

As the last things that come on your tree, ornaments should be the first to remove from your Christmas tree. Take extra precaution when removing the star, especially if it’s made of ceramic or is a family heirloom. Store Your Christmas balls back in their plastic boxes or organize them in egg cartons. You can also fill a box with the cardboard spine of tissue paper to keep them from clashing into one another, as these may cause scratch marks. If you have time and some extra tissue paper lying around, wrap each ornament in it before you store them in boxes.


Step 2: Store all Garlands and Ribbons

Just like ornaments, you can store garlands and ribbons in boxes or Ziplock plastics. However, to avoid tangles, wrap them around round plastic cans or used shampoo bottles.


Step 3: Wrap Your Christmas Lights

Make sure that the lights are unplugged before you unravel them off the christmas tree. Wrap the lights around a cardboard to avoid tangles and wrap with a top layer of tissue to avoid any moisture from entering the bulbs.


Read more ways to store your Christmas lights here.


Step 4: Cling Wrap Your Christmas Tree

While it might be easy to stuff your Christmas tree in a garbage bag or a box and shove it up the attic or the garage, this allows the tree to turn into a pest home when not in use. Deform your artificial tree’s branches and wrap in cling wrap before you put them in a garbage bag or box. Add a dehumidifier with a citrus scent in there if you want to be extra precautious on pests.