Why Your Succulents Keep Dying on You

Succulents are known to be low maintenance plants. It is perfect for those with a black thumb or condo dwellers with fast paced lifestyles. However, for those who have tried to take care of succulents, they can tell you that it can be quite the opposite. Succulents need care, just like any other plant needs some sunlight, water, and TLC. If you have tried taking care of succulents and they have died on you even if you have given them everything, you’ve probably asked yourself/the plant, “Why? Why did you give up on me, little plant?” Here are possible reasons why your succulents keep on dying.


1 Too much water

Yes, there is such a thing as giving too much love. You’re not supposed to water your succulents every single day. When you water your succulents, make sure you do it rarely but generously.

2 Too much sun

If your succulents are in a terrarium, you shouldn’t expose them directly to sunlight because the glass doubles the heat in the planter. Leave it near the sunlight for at least half a day but NEVER under direct sunlight.


3 You’re Holding On To What’s Dead

It is inevitable that the leaves of your succulent will dry out, let those dried up pieces go. Pick them out so the rest of the plant can grow healthy. Just don’t put brash force when pulling the dead leaf off, make sure it has dried up and is ready to go so you don’t agitate the rest of the plant.

4 You have the Wrong Pot

Make sure that your planter has holes in the bottom so the water drains out and doesn’t “drown” the succulent. If you used a fishbowl as your terrarium, make sure to layer it with rocks and pebbles for proper drainage.


5 You’re Wetting the Leaves

When watering, avoid getting the leaves wet. Always water the base and the soil but never the leaves.

6 Pests You Don’t See

Succulents can look like giant food for pests, keep your eye on insects and tiny creatures that can be feeding off your succulent. Some of these pests can live on the soil if it’s too moist.


7 It Was Never Meant To Be in the First Place

Growing a good succulent means starting its environment right, you need the right soil and the right planter pot with the proper drainage. If you purchased your succulent or terrarium, you won’t have any control over this. However, if you were making your own, make sure that you pre-empt your succulent’s death by setting up it’s home properly.