Trendy Colors to Add to Your Home Right Now

Rarely, if not at all, will you make a mistake when you mix black and white together in you home’s interior. It’s a fool-proof way to add instant chic into your space. However, if you want to add color in your home, things can get messy. Painting your walls in a certain hue is a commitment that not all of us are willing to take. If you want to play to safe, we suggest keeping your floors and walls in a neutral hue and fill in color through furniture and accessories which you can easily change based on your preference or color trends. This trick works even better if you’re staying in a rental that restricts you from making any big changes.


Topaz and Sapphire

Want to add personality to your space? Jewel tones are the way to go. Embrace the bold and brave choice of bright topaz and deep sapphire in your home. Anchor your space with the luxe blue of the sapphire and add pops through the topaz.myhomedesign-topaz-and-sapphire-image-1myhomedesign-topaz-and-sapphire-image-2


Millennial pink & cream

Two words: Millennial Pink. It’s the hottest color right now and if you’re aiming for a fun, feminine, and flirty space, this is the hue to go for. Blend it with an equally soft color like cream or eggshell to let the pink pop further. Make your space extra trendy with hints of Rose Gold to match that Millennial Pink!


Green and navy

Greenery is 2017’s it color and with good reason. Greenery gives a fresh vibe into any space and is a great contrast the industrial look of gray. Play with deeper greens such as kale and emerald for a bit of dimension in your home.




This story first appeared on CondoLiving March 2017, curated and written by Janina Bautista. Some products curated by Sab Potenciano. Edits were made for