Toilet Plume: The Invisible & Disgusting Secret of Every Bathroom

The argument about keeping the toilet seat down is so passé. Putting down the toilet seat is a must, regardless if you’re a bachelor living in a condo or a loving husband who gets instructed by the wifey to do so. It’s just common courtesy to do so. Toilet seat aside, what we ask of you now is to put the toilet cover down especially when you flush after doing your business. DO IT NOW. PUT THE TOILET COVER DOWN ASAP. NO EXCUSES.


According to various researchers, flushing the toilet with the cover up releases a wild disperse of this disgusting little thing called “toilet plume”. Simply put, toilet plume is water vapor mixed with fecal. You can’t see them because they are microscopic but they are emitted every time you flush with the cover up. And yes, you can inhale them and we all probably have. And yes, we are just as disgusted as you right now.

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Microbiologists share that toilet plumes can reach as far as 15-feet, so imagine if your bathroom has zero ventilation, and no cover on. Germs everywhere. Toilet plume can escape the toilet upon flushing and rest on the different surfaces in your bathroom. Yes, we’re talking about the sink, the countertop, the tissue holder, the walls, and we dread to report: your toothbrush.


Low-flow toilets decreased toilet plume filling one’s bathroom but still not completely. While there’s no proof or study that proves that toilet plume can get you sick, who wants aerosolized feces in their bathrooms anyway? The thought still makes us cringe.


Here are Ways to Keep the Toilet Plumes Away:

1 Keep the toilet seat and cover down when the toilet is not in use. Just do it.

2 Make sure your bathroom has good ventilation, always have an exhaust in the bathroom to make sure the toilet plume doesn’t circulate in your home

3 Clean your toilet and bathroom once a week

4 Keep your toothbrushes and other sanitary items in a bathroom cabinet

5 Leave a scent diffuser, scented candle, and a antibacterial room spray in your bathroom to kill the toilet plume