The Urtcht Armchair Gets a Makeover

The Urtcht armchair was designed by Gerrit T. Rievtveld in 1935. It’s an understated piece of minimalism and modern design. The Urtcht is one of those dream chairs you want in your dream home. Broken down to it’s essence, the armchair is composed of three main pieces, two arms and a main seat. Artist Bertjan Pot decided to give the classic chair a more festive take. “It was important for me to do something today that was not technically possible at the time of the armchair’s creation,” Pot explains.


The iconic chair is given an update through the innovative workmanship of the Boxblocks fabric which is made up of eight colored threads mixed two at a time to create 19 different colors on a template which outlines the shape of the armchair. Carried out with an advanced computer controlled jacquard weaving machine, the result is a unique and perfectly balanced geometric pattern in which the combination of triangles is never repeated. –Cassina.

While the prints are new to the chair itself, the artist explains that the pattern was inspired by the Urtcht chair’s iconic block-structural shape. “When talking patterns, there are generally two types, one is the pattern that respects the product and enhances the shape, think of the traditional tartan checks and stripes. The other is the pattern that crosses seams and dazzles its actual shape [like] zebra stripes and large organic floral prints. This one does both,” Pot points.

Urtcht armchair

The Urtcht armchair gets a festive makeover from Bertjan Pot