Leftover Vodka? Turn It Into an All-Purpose Cleaner!

A good bottle of vodka is good for three things: Celebrating something, forgetting something, and now, cleaning everything in your house! Vodka has a high alcohol level that’s not only good on wiping your memory clear of the previous night but this vodka cleaner will also disinfect your home’s surfaces and even give in a little shine to your furniture! While you can use the vodka cleaner in your bathroom and kitchen to stop mildew and molds, you can also use as a room spray!

Here’s a simple recipe on how you can make your own Vodka Cleaner!

vodka cleaner


What You’ll Need



Essential Oils

Spray Bottle

How To:

1. Mix one part vodka with one part water in the spray bottle. Basically, fill half of the spray bottle with vodka and half with water.

2. Drop in some essential oils in the bottle with the mixture

3. Shake the bottle to infuse the oils with the vodka and water.