Here’s The Plate Trend That Will Make it BIG this 2018

We all love our crystal-perfect bone china plates and our classic everyday plates. This 2018, something imperfect will make it big, especially in the kitchen. Wabi Sabi plates are all the rage in our favorite cafes and restaurants and we see no reason for it not to make it in our homes. If you’re planning a change of dishes, wabi sabi plates are the way to go.

wabi sabi plates

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept that teaches people to embrace imperfections and respect what is slightly broken, because it is that brokenness and imperfection that makes something special. And in a world where every piece can be perfectly replicated multiple times by machines, wabi sabi plates mark individuality. Each plate passionately made by hand and not automatically by a program or a machine.

2018 Interior Design Trends

Wabi Sabi plates can be matte or glossy, ceramic or of volcanic ash. The shapes are often round but never a perfect circle, neither will it be a flat circle. Again, this genre of plates are all about perfection due to imperfection. These plates can give your tablescape a rustic and homey feel, something that is hard to achieve with fine bone china plates that often come with a stiff luxurious aura. Locally, these plates are produced by Abueva Pottery in Antipolo or Clay Avenue in Zambales.