Here’s Why you Should Consider Painting Your Walls with Dark Colors

Dark paint doesn’t’ have a good name in the design industry, especially in small spaces. Dark painted walls usually make a room feel cramped or uninviting. Another downside is being able to see every paint chip, and they quickly dry up with heat. Meanwhile, some people just think painting your walls dark is a little too much. However, we recommend that you take the dive. Pick up that paint brush, a bucket of a dark shade and paint over your walls, and read on to know why you should paint your walls in a dark color.


1 Let Textures Pop

Dark colored walls can help your furniture and accessories with texture and patterns pop out more.

Dark Paint

2 Understated Luxe

Dark painted walls can give your home a luxurious feel. Surely, your guests will say (or say to themselves) ‘wow’ the moment they enter your home with dramatic, dark paint all over the walls.

Dark Paint

3 Start with Small Doses

If you can’t fully commit to dark paint just yet, try it in small doses. Add a dark accent wall in your powder room or foyer, if you grow to love it, consider doing your home in the same color.

Minimalist Condo

4 Use It In Unexpected Places

Paint the inside shelves of bookshelves or cabinet drawers for an unexpected pop of color.

Dark Paint

5 Not All That Dark

A great thing about dark paint is that it sets a perfect, dramatic tone for your metallic accessories. You can also accent the space with contrasting hued accessories; if you’re going for a rich burgundy, you can accent it with a light pink

Dark Paint

Written By Patricia Herbolario