“Passion for design runs in my blood”, says Wilmer Lopez. “I was born with it. I am connected to it in the same way I breathe air.” This strong conviction has contributed to his unique take on designing spaces and conceptualizing lifestyles. Wilmer’s trips to Scandinavian and Asian countries provide him with inspiration while widening his design perspective. “I like watching the Discovery Travel and Living channel, exploring shops and hotels, and watching cinema from Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea”, he shares.

Graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Interior Design, Wilmer has over 13 years of experience under his belt, designing model units for different developers and even putting up his own lifestyle and furniture store called Space Encounters. “I am interested in forms and shapes as I feel that they add personality to a space. I specifically love the details of speckled grains on the wood of Danish chairs”, he says. Wilmer admires the works of Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, Kelly Wearstler and Japan’s Super Potato Design firm. His dream project is to restore and design an old building in Escolta and turn it into a boutique hotel.

“I approach design with a story in mind”, Wilmer explains. “Interiors should be rich with history and personality so it can become a breathing space where your stories, experiences and memories come to life. This is what matters most in designing interiors. What I do for the client is show him or her ways to create a narrative with attention to aesthetics, texture, form and color. Everything starts within you, and your view of life is key to designing a space.”

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